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Press Review

When we ask our guests how did they know about Toscana Mia, we always get the same answer: by reading the magazines. Travellers from all over the world read about us and about our cooking classes. The best way to spend your Tuscan holiday is learning how to cook handmade pasta and pick the most beautiful accommodations in Florence and Chianti. Are you curious about our business too? Here you can read more about it.

Budget Travel - Go to cooking school in Italy

Budget Travel - March 2010 

In this article, Go to cooking school in Italy, published in Budget Travel magazine, Sara Morrow describes her personal experience with Toscana Mia. From the beautiful accomodation with a view of Florence Cathedral to hands on cooking classes, there are hundreds of reasons to visit. And learning how to cook with Simonetta and Paola is so much fun! "Go to cooking school in Italy", a very tasty tale.

Fox News - 8 trips you must do once

Fox News - 21 february 2013 

There are 8 places you have to visit before you die, and Tuscany is doubtlessly one of these. All of you have heard about italian cooking. When you go to Italy you taste unforgettable food like handmade pasta. But what if you are at home and you wish to eat healthy food again? Fox News has the solution: take part in Toscana Mia cooking classes!